Poisonous Plants

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The following listed plants are known to contain toxins, which may be harmful to humans and animals:

Aesculus(horse chestnut) - somewhat poisonous
xCuprocyparis leylandii(Leyland cypress) - skin irritant
Euonymus(spindle tree) - somewhat poisonous
Ligustrum(privet) - somewhat poisonous
Prunus laurocerasus
(cherry laurel, laurel) - poisonous
Prunus lusitanica(Portugal laurel) - seed kernels are poisonous
Rhamnus(alder buckthorn, common buckthorn) – poisonous; skin irritant
Symphoricarpus(snowberry) - poisonous
Taxus(Yew) poisonous

Drawn from the HTA list of harmful plants. This list is not exhaustive and other listed plants may have harmful effects depending on levels of exposure/consumption. If planting in situations where grazing/browsing animals may have access to plants it is best to seek further advice.