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Prickly Hedge plants (to deter unwanted visitors): Berberis, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Holly, Myrobalan Plum, Sea Buckthorn, Roses.

Evergreen Hedge plants: Box, Cotoneaster (lacteus, franchetii, simonsii), Cotton Lavender, Holly, Holm Oak, Japanese Holly, Common Laurel, Portuguese Laurel, Lavenders, Leyland Cypress, Lonicera, Privets, Western Red Cedar and Yew Hedging. (NB. Green/Purple Beech and Hornbeam both hold onto their brown Autumn leaves through Winter)

Fast Growing Hedge plants: Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hornbeam, Leyland Cypress, Lonicera nitida, Privet, Dog Rose, Western Red Cedar and many native hedge plants.

Countryside Stewardship Hedging:: Mixed native hedging, grant eligible under Mid and Higher Tier schemes. Traditional Native Hedge Mix, Exotic Native Hedge Mix, Thornless Native Hedge Mix. Plant at a minimum of 6 plants per metre, double row 40cm apart. Planting window:1st November - 31st March

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